More Healing Foods: Over 100 Delicious Recipes to Inspire Health and Wellbeing Jane Sen

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More Healing Foods: Over 100 Delicious Recipes to Inspire Health and Wellbeing

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November 19, 2001
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Fabulous food that might also save your life from the winner of the BBC4 Food Programme's Healthy Eating Award

"The science of nutrition feeds our mind, the food feeds our body and the way we approach cooking and serving it can feed our spirit."

Each of the 100+ recipes will boost your health - and will do you good especially if your concerns include - Weight Loss - Digestive Problems - Heart Disease - Cancer - Diabetes - Lack of Energy - Fertility Problems -

Jane Sen's creativity with flavours and food types in the kitchen is always balanced out by her common sense approach to health and her serious expertise as a nutritionist.

Each chapter's themed around a vegetable or plant type - and each recipe has additional information - either nutritional, historical or simply anecdotal. Chapters include: - Live Leaves - recipes using leaves - Darling Buds - recipes using flower buds - Buried Treasure - vegetables that grow under ground - Mediterranian Marvels - what keeps those Italians going for longer... - Forest Floor & Underwater - mushrooms and sea vegetables - Big Bulbs - onion varieties, garlic, fennel, celeriac... -... and there are plenty of dessert recipes too


Jane Sen, cookery writer, nutrition consultant and broadcaster has worked with chefs all over the world. She now lives near Bath and is Dietary Advisor to the Bristol Cancer Help Centre. On top of this work Jane writes, lectures, cooks and promotes healthy, high quality food all over the UK.

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