Elephant Child Mary Ellis, Kady MacDonald Denton

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Elephant Child

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April 9, 2010
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From the author of The Arctic Fox and Lily Dragon, a moving and exciting new novel set in Africa about a child with a special relationship with elephants. Roaring Good Reads: For Confident Readers 7 - 10

Shola was five when she was found by scientists in the Bakuli National Park in Africa. Exhausted and half-starved, she had been kept safe by a family of elephants who had treated her as one of their young. Shola goes to live with the scientists and their son, Leo, who is thrilled to have an older sister. But when Leo's parents are killed in a plane crash, Leo is sent back to live in England. Returning to Africa some years later, Leo is shocked to find that Shola hasn't spoken since the tragic accident and that a growing number of the elephants are being killed for ivory. He and Shola set off to find 'their' elephants, despite the danger of the poachers, and along with their favourite elephant Shola also finds her voice.

This is Shola's story, told by Leo, about the idyllic life they lead in Africa surrounded by wildlife - elephants in particular - an idyllic life that is cut short by danger and death . It's a novel of adventure and family ties crossing two cultures - African and European - and two kingdoms, human and animal. A third novel from Mary Ellis, that is both lyrical and exciting; thrilling and moving.


Mary Ellis grew up in Switzerland and at the age of the eleven went to school in England. Following teacher training at the Froebel Institute, Mary taught for ten years in London primary schools. Mary loves reading, poetry, picnics, walking in hills and dancing. She lives in Barnes with her husband, the illustrator Andy Ellis, and their two young children.

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