Cancer: A Nutritional Guide with 40 Delicious Recipes (Eat to Beat) Dr Rosy Daniel, Jane Sen

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Cancer: A Nutritional Guide with 40 Delicious Recipes (Eat to Beat)

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February 3, 2003
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A book for cancer sufferers and those wishing to prevent it, written by the Medical Director and the Nutritional Advisor to the famous Bristol Cancer Help Centre

Eat To Beat Cancer shows that there are ways you can help yourself to: - Eat well to avoid the onsett of serious illness - Keep cancer in remission - Use nutrition to fight cancer.

Dr Rosy Daniel Explains: - Why Change The Way You Eat? - How To Change The Way You Eat - and make the change easy. - What To Change In The Way You Eat - what's really important. - Food As Therapy - including detoxification, raising your energy levels, correcting nutritional imbalances.

All recipes are free from animal products, saturated fat and are low in salt and sugar.


Jane Sen is a cookery writer, nutrition consultant and broadcaster. She is the Chief Dietary Advisor at the Bristol Cancer Centre, and a popular lecturer to nurses and health professionals around the UK. Jane also gives cookery workshops throughout the UK.

Dr Rosy Daniel is Medical Director to the Bristol Cancer Help Centre and also the author of The Cancer Prevention Book with Pocket Books.

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