Mind Maps for Kids: The Shortcut to Success at School Tony Buzan

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Mind Maps for Kids: The Shortcut to Success at School

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March 7, 2005
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Mind Mapping is a breakthrough system of planning and note-taking that cuts homework time in half and makes schoolwork fun. Mind Maps for Kids is Tony Buzan s first book written specially for a younger audience, suitable for ages 7 to 14.

Tony Buzan has been teaching children all over the world for the past thirty years and has proved that Mind Maps are the magic formula in the classroom: remembering facts and figures is a piece of cake, planning is a doddle and getting stuck for an answer is a thing of the past.

In Mind Maps for Kids, Tony Buzan explains this amazing system using step-by-step examples in every subject across the curriculum. He shows just how easy Mind Mapping is and how it can help kids to remember things and concentrate better make clearer and better notes revise and ace exams come up with ideas and unlock the imagination save time

Mind Maps for Kids is a full-colour workbook, with the emphasis on having fun. As well as tips for improving memory and concentration, the book is packed with jokes, cartoons and brainteasers.

Mind Mapping is the shortcut to success that puts kids one step (and sometimes miles ) ahead.


Tony Buzan is the world-renowned inventor of Mind Maps and the multi-million copy bestselling author of Head First, Head Strong and The Mind Map Book. He appears regularly on television and lectures all over the world. His work has been published in 100 countries and 30 languages.

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