The Insomniac's Best Friend Lynda Brown

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The Insomniac's Best Friend

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July 1, 2009
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A self-help bible based on Lynda Brown's personal experiences of chronic insomnia and her research into the subject, this book welcomes you to the insomniacs' 'club' with a whole host of tips, tried and tested remedies, advice and support. written by insomniacs for insomniacs, this is the caring, sharing book that all sufferers need.

For the past two years, Lynda Brown has suffered from chronic insomnia and she has now put together a self-help bible for other sufferers who have found that it can change your personality, take over your life and leave you feeling obsessional.

Lynda has tirelessly researched the insomnia market, talking to therapists, professionals and natural health store workers to find out the facts people need to know. The book strikes the right balance between 'what the experts say' and 'what worked for me'.

The book is written by insomniacs, for insomniacs and offers practical, grass-roots help in a well-written, humane and supportive way.

As well as practical advice, the book also offers much needed moral support and understanding in the same vein as The Fat Ladies Club and the Girlfriends guides.


Lynda Brown, author of Fourth Estate's The Shopper's Guide to Organic Foods and DK's Organic Living, is one of the most diligent consumer researchers around. An insomniac herself, she has set out to create a new kind of self-help guide for insomniacs with a 'clubby' atmosphere.

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