The Ice Princess (Lettice) Mandy Stanley

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The Ice Princess (Lettice)

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January 27, 2015
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Dreams come true with Lettice Rabbit Lettice goes skating and joins in with the crowning of The Ice Princess in this enchanting picture book - perfect for little girls Over a million Lettice Rabbit books sold

It's a dream come true for Lettice when she is asked to take part in a Winter Festival for the crowning of the Ice Princess. But it seems that the ceremony will be ruined when the Princess's tiara is lost in the snow...

Is there anything Lettice can do to help?


Mandy Stanley was born in Lowestoft, Suffolk. She attended Great Yarmouth College of Art and Design and then went on to do a fashion degree in Nottingham. Mandy has won awards for her soft toy designs and has also worked as a children's clothes designer. She now works full time as a children's book illustrator

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