An Angel Treasury Jacky Newcomb

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An Angel Treasury

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July 15, 2011
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The ultimate guide to all things angelic from the UK's leading angel expert.

Contents: This unique compendium tells you everything you ever wanted to know about angels. Acknowledged angel expert 'The Angel Lady' offers a wealth of facts, real-life angel stories, tips, advice, angelic inspiration and background information.

This ultimate angelic guide is designed to be dipped into whenever inspiration strikes - the perfect gift for anyone wanting to know how to bring angelic wisdom and magic into their lives.

From real-life stories of angel encounters to instructions on how to communicate with your own guardian angel, this book will appeal to the serious angel investigator and the new explorer alike.

Includes quotes about angels from history and literature as well as information on: - The different angels you will encounter - Angel Almanac - Healing with the angels - Angel astrology - Angel names and their meanings - Hierarchy and Fallen Angels - Angels in culture - Working and communicating with angels


Jacky Newcomb is the UK's leading expert on the afterlife, having dedicated her life to the subject. She is a Sunday Times bestselling author with numerous awards to her name, a regular columnist for Take A Break's Fate & Fortune magazine, and is a regular on ITV's This Morning, Lorraine Kelly' show and C5 Live with Gabby Logan.

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