MR Mumbles Barry Hutchison

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MR Mumbles

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May 27, 2014
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Kyle's imaginary friend from childhood is back... with a vengeance.

Kyle hasn't seen Mr Mumbles in years. And there's a good reason for that: Mr Mumbles doesn't exist.

But now Kyle's imaginary friend is back, and Kyle doesn't have time to worry about why. Only one thing matters: staying alive...

A major series from a fresh new talent, brought to you by the publisher that put horror on the map.


Barry Hutchison hails from the Highlands of Scotland, where he spends time writing screenplays, comics and scary children s books. He is in his early thirties but on a good day could easily pass for mid-forties and lives happily with his long-term partner and young son.

He is tall but not like the BFG or that and likes seafood, comics and Elvis, though not necessarily in that order.


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