Flirt Coach Peta Heskell

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Flirt Coach

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How to Charm your Way to Friendship, Love and Professional Success.

Peta Haskell has refined flirting to a fine art - one that can be used not just in romantic relationships but in every relationship (with teachers, neighbours, clients and so on) to make communication more fun. Peta insists that the key to successful socializing and relationships is being able to be yourself. She offers a straightforward programme to help anyone learn to be comfortable with being themselves. As she sees it, flirting can be the key to success. Her style is fun, breezy and no-nonense.

Her system works by: - looking at the inside - finding out what is really you, your belief system and reviving your innate skills of childlike curiosity, daring and intuition. - the outside - learning how to understand people's signals and how to get your message across. How to 'glow', how to wield power and influence. - application: specific ways to apply her flirting techniques for career, friendship, love etc.


Peta Heskell is a Master NLP practitioner and has led workshops for more than ten years. She is dynamic and based in the UK although she is set to lead workshops in Denmark, Holland and California in the new year.

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