Lose Wheat, Lose Weight: The Healthy Way to Feel Well and Look Fantastic! Antoinette Savill, Dawn Ph. D. Hamilton

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Lose Wheat, Lose Weight: The Healthy Way to Feel Well and Look Fantastic!

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The New Allergy-Free Diet Plan with 60 Easy Recipes

Eating wheat makes us 'bloat up' - and is often the cause of headaches, skin conditions, tiredness, digestive discomfort and needless weight gain too. Lose wheat and you will lose weight.

Cutting out wheat should be an easy route to weight-loss but the modern diet means wheat's often in every meal. This book offers:

Nutritional information and a full explanation of why wheat-free works. - Wheat's connection to all sorts of different symptoms, sugar sensitivity and cravings - Case histories from people whose lives have changed for the better after switching to wheat-free


Antoinette Savill is a Glenfiddich award-winning cookery writer who suffers from multiple food allergies and is the author of The Gluten, Wheat and Dairy Free Cookbook. She is commited to creating delicious recipes for allergy sufferers so cooking and eating can be a joyful and unrestrained experience. She is launching a special Wheat-Watchers website to support this book Antoinette is the new cookery advisor to the Coeliac Society (42,000 members) with a column in their newsletter. She will be teaching cookery classes countrywide to members.

Dawn Hamilton Ph.D. was trained as a nutritional therapist by Patrick Holford. She also has a PhD in psychology from Cranfield University - where she specialised in effective ways of eliminating stress and promoting health. Dawn works with a wide range of personal development and complementary therapies.

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