The Clumsies Make a Mess of the Seaside Sorrel Anderson

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The Clumsies Make a Mess of the Seaside

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May 19, 2015
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More hilarious stories in the CLUMSIES series - shortlisted for the Roald Dahl Funny Prize 2010

It's Clumsies on Sea as Howard and the Clumsies head to the seaside for what Howard calls a "conference" and the Clumsies call a "holiday"

Will Howard manage to impress his evil boss Mr Bullerton? Will he get to the hotel on time? And will the trip pass without mess or incident of any kind? Of course not. Nothing goes to plan when the Clumsies are about

Sandcastles, talking donkeys, runaway supermarket trollies: this clumsy adventure has it all


Sorrel Anderson hasn t always been a writer. Once upon a time she worked as a civil servant, and it was there that she found the inspiration for her characters quite literally. One morning she came into work to find a pair of mice in a plastic bag under her desk, eating up her biscuits. She named them Purvis and Mickey Thompson, and that very day, the Clumsies were born!


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