Raising Demons Shirley Jackson

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Raising Demons

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May 5, 2015
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In the uproarious sequel to Life Among the Savages, the author of The Haunting of Hill House confronts the most vexing demons yet: her children
In the long out-of-print sequel to Life Among the Savages, Jackson s four children have grown from savages into full-fledged demons. After bursting the seams of their first house, Jackson s clan moves into a larger home. Of course, the chaos simply moves with them. A confrontation with the IRS, Little League, trumpet lessons, and enough clutter to bury her alive Jackson spins them all into an indelible reminder that every bit as thrilling as a murderous family in a haunted house is a happy family in a new home.


SHIRLEY JACKSON (1916 1965) first rose to fame with her short story The Lottery. Her six novels and many short stories confirmed her as an essential voice in twentieth century American fiction."

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