Sadie's War Jayelle Cochran

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Sadie's War

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February 23, 2014
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A blind traumatized teen learns of love and becomes the catalyst for a revolution
Abandoned by her parents to live on the streets, Sadie never knew kindness without first paying a terrifying price. The lessons from her childhood fuel a paranoia that makes it impossible to trust anyone, or accept their help. That all changes when she meets Fester, a young man with his own painful past. After he saves her from freezing to death, Sadie realizes that she must learn to trust another if she wants to live; a feat easier said than done.
Meanwhile a war is brewing. For decades the supernaturals have been plotting their revolt against a tyrannical government that exploits them. After using her own supernatural power against an attacker, Sadie and her friends soon find themselves in the government's cross-hairs. To survive, they are forced to team up with a criminal who has plans for Sadie and wishes to ignite the war.
Will Sadie ever be able to find a way to save herself and those she has come to care for, or will this war destroy more than the government's hold on her kind?


Jayelle Cochran is an independent author and artist living in San Diego. As a military wife and mother of two special needs children, finding time to write and publish her novels can prove to be a challenge at times. According to Jayelle, there are two things a writer needs if they wish to make it into a career: Perseverance and Dedication, and she has both in full supply.
Jayelle's writing primarily consists of Urban Fantasy, though she has plans for a post-apocalyptic scifi series for the future. Currently, she is focusing on the Supernatural Uprising series of novels. After the 4th novel for the Supernatural Uprising has been written, then the second series will begin and the two will be written in tandem.
Her blog, Jayelle's Musings, illustrates what goes into self-publishing her novels as well as antidotes about her writing, artwork, and life. Her artwork consists of charcoal drawings, oil paintings, and photo manipulation. She also creates beautiful novel covers for her own books, and offers this service to her fellow authors.

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