Redeeming the Dream: The Case for Marriage Equality David Boies, Theodore B. Olson

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Redeeming the Dream: The Case for Marriage Equality


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June 17, 2014
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The riveting inside story of the Supreme Court's landmark ruling on Proposition 8--by the two lawyers who argued the case
On June 26, 2013, the Supreme Court of the United States issued a pair of landmark decisions, striking down the Defense of Marriage Act and eliminating California's discriminatory Proposition 8, reinstating the freedom to marry for gays and lesbians in California.
"Redeeming the Dream" is the story of how David Boies and Theodore B. Olson--who argued against each other all the way to the Supreme Court in "Bush v. Gore"--joined forces after that titanic battle to forge the unique legal argument that would carry the day. As allies and not foes, they tell the fascinating story of the five-year struggle to win the right for gays to marry, from Proposition 8's adoption by voters in 2008, to its defeat before the highest court in the land in "Hollingsworth v. Perry" in 2013.
Boies and Olson guide readers through the legal framing of the case, making crystal clear the constitutional principles of due process and equal protection in support of marriage equality while explaining, with intricacy, the basic human truths they set out to prove when the duo put state-sanctioned discrimination on trial.
"Redeeming the Dream" offers readers an authoritative, dramatic, and up-close account of the most important civil rights issue--fought and won--since "Brown v. Board of Education" and "Loving v. Virginia."


David Boies (born March 11, 1941) is an American lawyer and chairman of the law firm Boies, Schiller & Flexner. He has been involved in various high-profile cases in the United States.

Theodore Bevry Olson (born September 11, 1940) is an American lawyer, practicing at the Washington, D.C. office of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher. Olson served as United States Solicitor General from June 2001 to July 2004 under President George W. Bush.

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