Stumbling Out the Stable Sean Pravica

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Stumbling Out the Stable

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November 27, 2015
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Fiction. STUMBLING OUT THE STABLE is an irreverent trip down the turbulent backroads of early adulthood. Seamus, a college student with aspirations to hitch hike aimlessly after graduation, grows increasingly unsettled with the vagueness of the future. His friend Jamie, on the other hand, revels in its unpredictability. Together, they party with colorful characters, raise hell at their anarchistic workplace, and wax philosophic about life's hidden glitches. After a series of accidents intersect their lives, the boys stumble to find their footing as it becomes clear that not everything in life can be avoided.


Sean Pravica is a Californian writer. His fiction and poetry have appeared in over 40 journals. His writing has run the gamut from ghostwriting about consumer goods and health topics to penning press releases and newspaper articles. His work has been nominated for several writing awards including the Bea Hollefelder Award in Creative Writing, which he won. STUMBLING OUT THE STABLE is his first novel.

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