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Abydos (Hellespont)
Abydos (Ancient Greek: Ἄβῡδος) or Abydus, an ancient city at Troad (Troas), in Asia Minor was located on the western slope of the promontory south of Nağara Point, and is sited on the best harbor on the Asiatic shore of the Hellespont. The acropolis of Abydos stood on the hill of Mal Tepe. Sestus lies north across from Abydos, on the European side of one of the narrowest points of the Dardanelles, slightly more than a nautical mile (1.9 km; 1.2 mi) broad; the narrowest point is at Çanakkale. The site is enclosed in a military zone considered to be of strategic importance, and access to it throughout the 20th century was generally prohibited. MORE
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