The K-box Gel audio speaker is composed of a small loudspeaker powered by an internal amplifier which when placed onto solid flat surfaces, walls or windows turns the surface into speakers or sound board. It amplifies and provide stereo sound that is supplied by any audio source that has 3.5mm audio output. The K-box can be utilized with contemporary electronics, like a computer, iPod, iPhone, television, or portable gaming device. The K-box is about the size of a standard cell (mobile) phone. The K-box uses a hybrid technology of standard speaker, delivering mid to high frequencies and a Gel Audio driver (developed by SFX Technologies) delivering low end Bass frequencies. When placed on flat solid surfaces, this technology enhances the bass response via high-intensity vibrations. in order to generate sound and thus improve the volume and audio quality. The K-box gel audio technology has been explained as “hydro-gel” suspension system used to improve the dynamics in comparison to similar speaker products which typically work on transduction. MORE
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