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Suleiman the Magnificent
Suleiman I (Ottoman Turkish: سلطان سليمان اول‎‎; Turkish: I. Süleyman, Kanunî Sultan Süleyman or Muhteşem Süleyman) or simply Solomon as a Biblical name; 6 November 1494 – 7 September 1566), commonly known as Suleiman the Magnificent in the West and "Kanuni" (the Lawgiver) in the East, was the tenth and longest-reigning Great Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, from 1520 to his death in 1566. Under his administration, the Ottoman State ruled over 20 to 30 million people. MORE
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How Suleiman the Magnificent Connects to Ayşe Hafsa Sultan
  • is mother was Ayşe Hafsa Sultan (she was possibly the daughter of Meñli I Giray, a descendant of Genghis Khan, through Jochi); little is known of her other than that she died in 1534. from Suleiman the Magnificent

  • After the birth of her son Suleiman, born 6 November 1494 in Trabzon, she gave birth to one son and three daughters: Suleiman the Magnificent, Hatice Sultan, Fatma Sultan and Hafsa Sultan. from Ayşe Hafsa Sultan

  • According to an alternative theory, the daughter of Meñli I Giray of the Crimean Khanate was the first consort of Selim I known as Ayşe Hatun, consequently the step-mother of Suleiman the Magnificent. from Ayşe Hafsa Sultan

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Ayşe Hafsa Sultan (fully Devletlu İsmetlu Ayşe Hafsa Valide Sultan Aliyyetü'ş-Şân Hazretleri; Ottoman Turkish: عائشه حفصه سلطان‎‎; 1479 – 19 March 1534), or in short, Hafsa Sultan, was wife of Selim I and the first Valide Sultan of the Ottoman Empire as mother of Suleiman the Magnificent. During the period between her son's enthronement in 1520 and her death in 1534, she was one of the most influential persons in the Empire, as her son's de facto co-regent during these fourteen years, coming second only to the sovereign, which is a point remarked also by the ambassadors of European powers at the Ottoman court.

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