Ryo Sugimoto
Ryo Sugimoto Born in 1976. Sugimoto worked on number of films as an art assistant under Production Designer Mitsuo Harada and Yohei Taneda. Sugimoto joined NOUVELLE VAGUE Co.,Ltd . in 2005, has worked on films such as "AEGIS"and "Tokyo Tower" as a set designer and was the art director on "BABEL"(Dir: Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu) which won the Art Excellence in Production Design Award(2006) from the Art Directors Guild. Sugimoto was the first Production Designer for Junji Sakamoto "Chameleon"(2007), and is the Production designer for "Map of the sounds of Tokyo" directed by Isabel Coixet. Sugimoto also provides designs for commercials, music videos and interiors,
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