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Christine de Pizan
Christine de Pizan (also seen as de Pisan; French pronunciation: [kʁistin də pizɑ̃] ( listen); 1364 – c. 1430) was an Italian French late medieval author. Her most famous literary works are The Book of the City of Ladies and The Treasure of the City of Ladies. She served as a court writer for several dukes (Louis of Orleans, Philip the Bold of Burgundy, and John the Fearless of Burgundy) and the French royal court during the reign of Charles VI. She wrote both poetry and prose works such as biographies. She completed forty-one works during her 30-year career from 1399 to 1429. Her success stemed from a wide range of innovative writing and rhetorical techniques that critically challenged renowned writers such as Jean de Meun, author of the Romance of the Rose, which she criticized as immoral. MORE
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