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Analog Brothers
Analog Brothers were an experimental hip hop band featuring Tracy 'Ice Oscillator' Marrow (Body Count's Ice-T) on keyboards, drums and vocals, Keith 'Keith Korg' Thornton (Ultramagnetic MCs' Kool Keith) on bass, strings and vocals, Marc 'Mark Moog' Giveand (Raw Breed's Marc Live) on drums, violins and vocals, Christopher 'Silver Synth' Rodgers (Black Silver) on synthesizer, lazar bell and vocals, and Rex Colonel 'Rex Roland JX3P' Doby Jr. (Pimpin' Rex) on keyboards, vocals and production. Its album Pimp to Eat featured guest appearances by various members of Rhyme Syndicate, Odd Oberheim, Jacky Jasper (who appears as Jacky Jasper on the song "We Sleep Days" and H-Bomb on "War"), D.J. Cisco from S.M., Synth-A-Size Sisters and Teflon. MORE
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