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Go beyond search to discover more content on the topics you’re really curious about. Mediander’s mission is to make general interest knowledge discovery entertaining and rewarding. We focus on context, curating relevant content and revealing the connections between topics—people, places, things and ideas—to help you understand them better. On every topic, we give you the most important information, relevant connected topics to explore, breaking AP news articles to read, YouTube videos to watch and related books to browse and buy—all in one place.

To do this, we use proprietary algorithms that compile content centered on topics, rather than on individual words in search terms. Say you’re looking for the name of the guy who plays that character in Star Wars. Not very specific, right? If you were to search for "Star Wars" on one of those big search engines, all of your initial results would have the term "Star Wars" in the title. You might not find what you were looking for until page six or seven of the results. By searching for "Star Wars" on Mediander, not only do you get results with "Star Wars" in the title, but you also get related topics that have a connection to Star Wars, like Luke Skywalker, George Lucas or the Death Star. These connected topics are displayed alongside relevant news articles about the next film, books about Chewbacca, fan-generated YouTube videos about the movie and tons of other associated and relevant content. Mediander’s connections and context not only help you better understand your original search topic, but also lead to new topics that you didn’t even know you were looking for.

Movies, TV, sports, history, art, health, music and hundreds of other subjects are here for you to explore. Mediander has everything you’re looking for, as well as connections to new information that you didn’t even know existed.

To know more about any topic that’s of interest to you, visit Mediander’s search box and begin exploring.

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