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Mediander Search

The Mediander™ relatedness engine powers exploration through millions of intelligently connected topics. Mediander users go deep into their interests by browsing topics, original writing, images, videos and books—all curated and connected, all in one place. We believe you can learn much more about a topic—and get a more interesting, well-rounded picture of it—by understanding how it connects to other topics.

The Mediander search box is available on the top right of every page on the site.

Q. How do I use the Mediander search box?
A. Type in the name of any topic that interests you. To get optimum results, be as specific as possible. For example, if you are looking for information about Bob Dylan, use both his first and last name. Avoid using nicknames. If you see the topic you want in the drop-down list, click it to go to that topic's page. Otherwise, hit return or click on the search icon to go to the search results page.
Q. Help me understand what is on the Mediander search results page.
A. Mediander searches Mediander website content, not the internet. The left side of the search results page shows a list of Topic pages. If your search term corresponds to more than one Mediander Topic page, this section lets you choose the topic you want. On the upper right is a short list of related CultureMaps—maps that are in some way relevant to your search term. And on the lower right is a list of books matching your search. Choose from any of these—Topics, BookShop, CultureMaps, individual books—and start "mediandering" the immense offerings of Mediander's site.
Q. How can I quickly find a specific book I want to buy?
A. Enter the book title, ISBN or author's name into the search box and hit return or click on the search icon. That will bring you to our search results page. The book you want should be on the list appearing in the lower-right section of the page.

Mediander Topics

Mediander Topics™ allows you to quickly see what's relevant and important for millions of curated, connected topics and shows how a topic is connected to scores of other topics, which in turn can be explored individually. The Topics section contains entries across the widest range—from topics in medieval literature to theoretical physics, from Heisman Trophy winners to Nobel Prize winners, from Seinfeld to Game of Thrones—and it shows users the "how" and "why" of connectedness for each of the millions of topics in Mediander. Mediander Topics also features a powerful video algorithm that returns curated results.

Whether you’re in the mood for quick cultural entertainment or intensive research, you’ll find what you’re looking for—and uncover connections to related topics—by "mediandering" through Topic pages.

Q. How do I get to a Topics page?
A. Type your topic of interest into the search box at the top right of the page. Choose from the drop-down list or hit enter to go to a search results page. Also, there are Connected Topic links throughout the site. Simply click on one of these to explore information, videos and products on your topic and all of its connected topics.
Q. Help me understand what is on any of the more than 2.2 million Mediander Topic pages.
A. Here's the quick tour: On the top of the screen is a search box showing the Topic page you are on (enter a new topic to search) and a basic description of the topic (click the "MORE" link for a longer description). Below this is are "tiles" representing all of the content within Mediander that is related to this page's topic. Click a tile to open a panel and read about a Connected Topic, watch a video, read the beginning of a Blog post or CultureMap, or browse a book. Use the buttons above the tiles to filter by type—All, Connected Topics, Videos, Books, Blog, CultureMaps.
Q. Where can I see how two Mediander topics are connected?
A. Click on a Connected Topic tile to open it. At the top of the open panel is an expandable list of connection texts that explain how the main topic (the one on top of your screen) is related to the connected topic you've chosen. The texts are short, but together they give a picture of the overall relationship between the two topics.
Q. How do I go to a different Topic page?
A. You can reorient topics to be about a new topic by clicking on the "Explore" button at the bottom of the open Connected Topic panel—then watch the Mediander Topics page transform itself for your new topic selection. This powerful browsing function allows you to keep discovering related topics one after the other. You can also always search the site for a new topic using the search box at the top.

Mediander Blog

The Mediander Blog contains original writing and video on a wide range of cultural subjects—including movie recommendations, book and theater reviews, opinionated sports coverage, interviews with creative people and original video series. Every post links to Topics, Videos, CultureMaps or Books within Mediander, offering our readers the opportunity to dive deep on any subject we cover.

Q. What's on the Blog home page?
A.The Blog home page is a searchable, infinitely scrolling archive of every post we've ever published, with the most recent at the top. Click into any post, or browse a category from the links along the top of the page.
Q. Can I comment on a Mediander Blog post?
A. Yes! We welcome comments. See the form at the bottom of each post.

Mediander CultureMap

The Mediander CultureMap is a new form of article that provides editorial perspectives on cultural themes. Using a unique interactive presentation of topics and the connections between them, CultureMaps artfully deploy text, images, videos and books to tell a story about a larger subject. CultureMaps are originally written, beautifully designed, digestible in size and modular in experience; users can read about the connections in any order they choose or straight through in numbered sequence.

Additionally, each CultureMap has its own BookShop, where you can buy books directly related to the map.

Q. What’s on the CultureMap home page?
A. The CultureMap home page offers access to every CultureMap we’ve ever made. Browse the “All CultureMaps” list by date, or sort maps by title. It’s a great place to start exploring CultureMaps.
Q. What is a CultureMap topic?
A. The topics on a CultureMap can be people, books, movies, songs, events, places, ideas—anything!
Q. What is a CultureMap connection?
A. The heart of every CultureMap is its connections. Each one is a short piece of original writing that describes the relationship between two topics. There’s a story to every map—a beginning, middle and end. You can read the connections in sequence, or dip in and out of the ones that particularly interest you. There is no wrong way to read a CultureMap!
Q. How does it work? Where do I begin?
A. Begin by reading the short teaser paragraph on the left, just beneath the CultureMap’s title. This will give you a quick look at the map’s subject. Click the "START READING" link to go directly to the first connection on the map. Or explore the map’s topics and connections in any order by hovering over the topic images and clicking on the pulsing, numbered buttons between them—these take you to the author’s explanation of the map’s connections.
Q. How do I read a connection?
A. You can jump to a connection by clicking on one of the pulsing, numbered buttons, or by clicking on a topic image and then selecting a second one to which it’s connected. This will open a connection lightbox. From the lightbox, you can read the connection you chose, navigate to other connections or go back to the map. Or you can go to “Reader View,” where you can print out the connection texts in sequence from beginning to end. You can also click “Video” to see curated videos, or click “BookShop” to browse books related to the map. Finally, toward the bottom of the lightbox you can jump to related Mediander Topic pages.
Q. How do I find other CultureMaps like the one I am reading?
A. There are two ways. You can click on one of the titles appearing in the map’s “Related CultureMaps” list. Or you can type the name of a topic into the search box at the top of the page and pick from the CultureMaps matches list on the search results page.

Mediander BookShop

The Mediander BookShop curates relevant books for nearly all of Mediander’s millions of topics. A product of Mediander’s proprietary relatedness engine, each BookShop focuses on a single topic and is connected to other, related BookShops. It’s easy to jump from shop to shop, browsing contextually through our million and a half book titles. This gives the book lover and book buyer an intelligent, customized browsing and buying experience for the authors, topics and books that interest them.

Account Settings

Q. Do I need to create an account with Mediander?
A. To purchase products, you’ll need an account. Just enter a valid email address and provide a password. That’s it. You’re ready to go. However, you do not need an account to browse our vast selection.
Q. What is the “Account Settings” option?
A. The account settings allow users to view previously purchased items, change passwords, add or make changes to addresses and credit cards on file, and change contact preferences.

Shopping & Placing Orders

Q. How do I place an order?
A. Simply log in and place books in your shopping cart by clicking on the “Add to Cart” button. It’s that easy to get started! When you’re ready to complete your order, click “Checkout” from within your cart and follow the instructions.
Q. How do I check the status of my order?
A. Most orders ship within 48 hours. When your order ships, you will receive an email with a tracking number and instructions on how to check the status of your order online. You can always contact us if you have any questions.
Q. Can I cancel an order?
A. If you’ve ordered the wrong product, please contact customer service by clicking here, or emailing us at support@mediander.zendesk.com. Books are returnable for 100% credit. See our Return Policy for more details. However, because invoicing and shipping for all items in stock begin almost immediately, canceling your order will generally not be an option.
Q. What makes shopping on Mediander different from Amazon and other book sites?
A. Searching for a specific book is straightforward at all online bookstores (including Mediander). Searching by topic, however, yields widely varying results from site to site. At Mediander, we surround every topic you search with relevant (and free) information and videos, and we provide an entire BookShop on that topic containing only the best available books. Once inside any of our topic BookShops, it’s easy to browse topic by topic, from one related BookShop to another. Shopping on Mediander, you won’t need to hunt through category after category or pages and pages of search results in order to discover the subjects and books that interest you.
Q. How do you select books for each BookShop?
A. Every BookShop is focused on a single topic—from weight loss to Stephen King, from World War ll to the Caldecott Medal. The books in each shop are filtered for their relevance to the shop’s topic and to the other topics within Mediander to which the topic is connected. In the same way that Topic connections enrich our understanding of Albert Einstein as a person, his BookShop is more relevant and useful because it contains the best books about him and his connections. And we carry the books of virtually every publisher (more than 1 million books in all), though we specialize in the best, often underappreciated books from university, independent and boutique presses.
Q. How do I browse from BookShop to BookShop?
A. Because Mediander’s relatedness engine connects every topic with other, closely related topics, a BookShop’s connections provide quick portals to other, related BookShops. From Albert Einstein to Niels Bohr, from Niels Bohr to the Uncertainty Principle, and on and on. Exploring from BookShop to BookShop, you’ll begin to see how shopping by topics and connections is easy and fun.


Q. Does Mediander ship overseas?
A. Mediander ships hardcover, paperback and audio books within the continental United States. We also offer eBooks in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.
Q. When will my order arrive?
A. We begin processing orders immediately, and they are generally shipped within 48 hours, Monday through Friday. Shipping takes anywhere from two to 10 business days depending on your location.
Q. How can I track my shipping?
A. Shipments are sent using the United States Postal Service’s Media Mail®. To check your shipment, enter the tracking number provided in the confirmation email we sent you into the UPS tracking tool here or simply click on the link we provide in the email. UPS has a good tracking tool both for their shipments as well as those from the U.S. Postal Service. Be aware that it can take 48 hours or more for tracking information to appear.
Q. What is your shipping policy?
A. Our everyday shipping policy is simple: We charge a flat rate of $3.99, no matter how many books you have in your order. Even if your order is split into multiple shipments, our flat rate is charged to you only once, when the first item ships. Shipping charges apply to physical products only. Digital books (eBooks) are delivered to your computer or device free of charge.
Q. Can you ship my order to a P.O. Box?
A. Yes!

Payments & Pricing

Q. What is your discount policy?

A. The books we carry—from hardcover and paperback to audiobook and eBooks—are discounted from the publisher’s suggested retail price except for some eBooks where the publisher sets the price. The Mediander price is clearly shown on the book’s detail page, as well as in your cart. Whether you are buying the latest best-seller or a scholarly work, you will see a low price on every item in our store. This pricing is void where prohibited by law. We reserve the right to change prices without notice.

Q. What are my payment options?
A. Mediander accepts all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
Q. Are Mediander’s prices competitive?
A. Please compare us to your favorite bookstore and let us know! Our analyses show that our prices are generally as low as or lower than those found at any other national retailer. But while the other guys heavily discount best-sellers, they do not always offer consumer-oriented pricing on less popular books farther down the list. We do. Give us a try. Look up our prices on your favorite books, and see for yourself how competitive Mediander BookShop prices are.

Return Policy

Q. What is your return policy?

A. Returns are accepted on merchandise in new condition up to 20 days from the date received. You must first notify us by clicking here, or emailing us at support@mediander.zendesk.com.

You must enclose items with a copy of the original packing slip and address to:

Mediander LLC
201 Ingram Drive
Roseburg, OR 97470

Shipping charges are nonrefundable. Mediander LLC cannot cancel in-stock orders. Please contact us by clicking here, or emailing us at support@mediander.zendesk.com to cancel backorders only.

Q. Will I get a 100% refund?
A. Yes. If you return a physical item, we will refund you 100% of the purchase price plus applicable sales tax. You will not be reimbursed for shipping costs.
Q. Can I return digital books?
A. Sales of in-stock digital books are final, and the books cannot be returned. If the file is defective, please contact us by clicking here, or emailing us at support@mediander.zendesk.com.


Q. On what devices can I read Mediander eBooks?
A. Our eBooks can be read on both Macs and PCs, as well as on Android or iOS mobile devices such as the iPad, iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. Our eBooks DO NOT work on Kindle devices.
Q. How do I access my eBooks?
A. eBooks purchased from Mediander are available for download in your digital locker. The digital locker is accessible from the top information bar on the upper-right-hand side of your screen. It will appear there once you have purchased your first eBook and will always remain there, even after you have downloaded the eBook to a device. This will allow you to re-download the eBook to another device if you choose to later.
Q. How do I view my eBooks?
A. To view an eBook, you must download it to your computer or to whatever device you would like to read the eBook on. The instructions are different for computers (PC or Mac) than for mobile devices, such as iOS or Android smartphones and tablets.
For computers (PC or Mac):
  • Before downloading, you must first install Adobe Digital Editions 2.0. This software is free of charge. Click here and follow the Adobe directions. Make certain that you set up an Adobe account. This will enable you to read your eBook on all your devices. If you select the option to bypass account setup, your eBook will be locked into the device you first download it to.
  • Next, you are ready to download the eBook. Navigate to your digital locker from the computer, then click on the “Download eBook Now” button to the right of the book as it appears in your digital locker.
  • Double click on the file and your book will open in Adobe Digital Editions. Enjoy your new eBook!
For mobile devices (iPad, iPhone and Android devices from Samsung and others):
  • You must first install appropriate software before downloading. We recommend Bluefire Reader, though other software is available. Bluefire Reader is free of charge. Click here elect your operating system (iOS or Android) and follow the Bluefire directions.
  • Next, you are ready to download the eBook. Here you have two choices:
    • If you are accessing Mediander through your computer (Mac or PC), download the eBook as above and then transfer it to your device. The simplest way to transfer the eBook is to email it to yourself. You can also transfer files using Dropbox or iTunes.
    • Alternatively, you can go to Mediander on your mobile device, navigate to your digital locker and click on the "Download eBook Now" button to the right of the book as it appears in your digital locker. This is the simplest method.
  • Go to the file on your device (via email, Dropbox, iTunes or direct from Mediander). Click or hover on it and select “Bluefire” from the "Open with…" menu. Your eBook will open in Bluefire Reader. Enjoy your new eBook!
Q. Can I download a book from Mediander onto my Kindle?
A. Please note that our eBooks DO NOT work on Kindle devices. You must be able to install Adobe Digital Editions or Bluefire Reader on your computer or device. If you are not sure if your device is supported, please contact us before ordering any eBooks.
Q. Can I return digital books?
A. Sales of digital books are final, and the books cannot be returned. If the file is defective, please contact us by clicking here or emailing us at support@mediander.zendesk.com.

Compatible Browsers

Q. What if I’m having trouble viewing the page?

A. If the pages are not rendering properly, please check to see that you’re using one of these browsers:

Internet Explorer 9+
Firefox 5+
Safari 5+

To update your browser, click on the appropriate link (above) and follow instructions for your operating system.